For sweet friends that have had to say goodbye for now to their loved ones. Sending healing hugs & comfort to your… https://t.co/hg6akzip8C
HELP pretty please...I'm excited to start sharing here in Hawaii, maybe on a monthly basis, that sweet thing we do… https://t.co/unx0mZ50hq
The beauty where I live featured in this video is simply breathtaking! My job, to soak it in everyday, to let the… https://t.co/k7kttBJiPs
A first - rehearsals with each of my kids today prepping for Kai's Spring Fling this Sat! Izzy happily bounced aro… https://t.co/2SOIHMZXE9
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/eCwqgbwwsV Final 5 hands - Faith poker tournament at Ko'olina #Kaiplays
Happy Wednesday! Here's my latest enews :-) https://t.co/nVZ0eJqrjA https://t.co/nVZ0eJqrjA
Bday Gift for You 😘, Do You Feel the Power?!💥 Neale Donald Walsh, NEW Video & FB Shop 🎶 - https://t.co/nVZ0eJqrjA
Summer's around the corner - let's go here dreamy, whimsical friends ;-) Looks like a vibrant playground for all a… https://t.co/DQnUtENcef
#happyearthday #latepost #afterfundayatzoo #weheartanimals #weheartplanetearth #oursweetneighborhood https://t.co/QD2A8YqsUN
Who's coming?!!! https://t.co/d7jQiJ6LKu
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/iPl0Z4bzpm Hawai'i Aloha
GONE BABY! Time to release any of that $#%! (aka shtuff) that's holding you & your brilliance back :)… https://t.co/RNYoIEX7gE
We're all like the baby turtles running, stumbling, moving towards our next sea of dreams...go turtles, go dreamers! https://t.co/rAxgXrZQSN
Working out my celebratin' & appreciatin' muscles this bday month :-) Join the fun & expand the good in your life -… https://t.co/1OW9gFXm2F
Happy bday my Kai! #mybeautifulbdayboy #happy7thbday #partytime #feelingblessed via @RiplApp https://t.co/Go2SyoIvcI
From this morning - doing my fav thing, praisin' & celeberatin' thru music! ps actually this is epic drum moment wa… https://t.co/fhld8cRcGy
#backstageselfie #revandsingersinthehouse #preppingforeasterservicefun #livestreamingnow #noroominthetomb… https://t.co/tNEMC4pv0t
Excited for Easter services at Unity of Hawaii tomorrow! I was going to enjoy from the congregation but now filling… https://t.co/Acg1XnwABB
Yay "As a Man Thinketh" team & buddy Jon Miller on this sweet review in the latest Science of Mind magazine :) It'… https://t.co/XdsLcdjX7T
Happy weekend!!!! https://t.co/wf13eKao67
RISE *New Song * New Video *

It's our time to RISE baby!!!

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Music for a high-vibing holiday
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Dec 2018 eNews

Warm holiday wishes, high-vibing holiday playlist, video & more fun!

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Burning up on EMPIRE

Hear that? TV promos feature songs penned by Hawaii artists (including Faith!)

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Sept eNews~ Fun Music & Family updates!
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