Perfect St Patty Saturday #familyfishing #qtcousintime👯💕 #catchandrelease #hoomaluhiabotanicalgarden... https://t.co/5vrCH4FbBZ
Amazing new friends from the @EvolutionaryBusinessCouncil getting their jam on! Even transformational leaders... https://t.co/JCfteGxEkD
#prettypartyhattime #beforebathantics #cuteness #girlslovegirlythings #sliceoflife #butteringherup... https://t.co/SIZt63btFs
2018 is the year of re-creation for me! You too?! It's been new pics, new island home, new emerging career... https://t.co/8olTy2nuQ9
#2 PosiFest2018 Weeeh/Wow! Seeing a man break out into sweeping Gene Kelly moves as we sang Stand Together. In... https://t.co/oyydJB3q6V
#1 PosiFest2018 Wow/Aha - Sean Pica, his story, courage, heart, vision will forever inspire me! Of all the... https://t.co/aYwFODiXnx
This pretty much says what I want my life to be about...an "effortless expression of joy!" YAY!!! https://t.co/Rb0g99g8V9
Celebrating our beautiful Sistahs & Mamas this Int'l Women's Day! Enjoy this video of my song "Women of Today"... https://t.co/MnTevDt5HK
I wore my "Love is my career" tank top today and store clerk Bob said "Me too!" after complimenting me on how... https://t.co/ibmGhPQOXC
What a great way to celebrate one of my fav co-writers & biggest inspirations, Daniel Ho on his big bday week -... https://t.co/SI8yWiL3cO
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/LBYSuIhXxH Sheyecie-Joy Nihau-"Just Along For The Ride" (cover) Live Performance
About to jump on a 5pmPST/3pm Hawaii time zoom call w/ my fab friend/co-writer/artist, insightful teacher/retreat... https://t.co/rXD1Sm9v4T
In case you missed it, here's the debut performance of "God Is..." acapella arrangement by grammy-winning... https://t.co/iJAmw5Q5QJ
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/ZgWap0sY9t Stand Together at Unity of Columbia SC
I want to live on this corner :-) https://t.co/ri2GGbGghA
What practices do you use to get out of a funk?! I had a blast sharing my ideas w/ new playshop: The Vortex... https://t.co/c0ouXkAgei
My Hawaii Missile Threat Experience / Jan. Southern Cali Dates / Power of Now Music Video
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Faith in Concert ~ Sharing the Heart of Hawaii
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The Power of Now (Music Video)

Enjoy my latest music video - beautiful landscapes, soothing music, inspiring lyrics to put you into the now.

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Dec 2017 eNews

Hawaii Update, I'm in another Movie, Custom Xmas Flashdrive Necklace, Pentatonix Connection & more!

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"Over & Over Again" is a 2017 Posi Award Finalist

So cool to find out my song about my hunky hubby, "Over & Over Again" is a 2017 Posi Award Finalist in the Relationships category.  It's about falling in love with my best friend and inspired by our 30yrs together (oh my!!!) and our experience of falling over & over & over again to keep things fresh :)  The winners will be awarded in Feb at the annual Positive Music Festival in Tampa. Maybe you can join us?!!!  In my eyes, all my fellow posi songwriters/artists are amazing & are winners thru & thru for beautifying the planet with their music!!! See the full list here: https://www.empowerma.com/congratulations-finalists