Contagious Optimism Live (LA 2014)

What a blast & an honor to be included in a line-up of world-class speakers & music artists at the Oct 11th 2014 Contagious Optimism Live event at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza!

It was my first time delivering a 10min power talk including song & fun interactive moments for the audience.  I had been prepping for weeks amidst my travel & other adventures...and wow did it pay off!  I felt excited and grounded at the same time - it was such a sweet feeling.  So this was certainly a personal aha on the value of putting in prep time which allowed me to just be in the moment, to enjoy it all & not worry about my presentation.  The best compiment I got was from one of the speakers who said how present & grounded I was during our conversation just minutes before my presentation.  That's the best - do my thang & really be there in the moment to soak it all in!

The AHAs continued throughout the day:


As we started the program w/ the amazing Lynne Rose & the already hyped-up audience, I wondered where we could go for the rest of the day.  Everyone was already so high, so uplifted, but boy was I surprised.  I didn't know that even on this topic of optimism & being positive, that there is such depth & expansiveness to it.  There were laughs, profound moments of insight, sheer fun, happy smiles, loud "oh yeahs," teary ahas & so much more.  I thought "being happy" was this stagnant place or that it had a ceiling.  Of course I was wrong...thank God!!!  



Tim Harris is the owner of Tim's Place restaurant in Albuquerque where he gives his famous free hugs.  So famous that Pres. Obama asked for one & got one!  So did I :)  I love his "can do" spirit.  In his opening, Tim shares that the doctors told his parents "sorry" when he was born with Down's Syndrome. He follows this with "They didn't know AWESOME I am!"  I love how he knows himself, loves & honors himself so much that his love & confidence overflows to all.  His mantra is an infectious "Oh yeah!" that he had us say often during his talk & that I've taken home with me & use with my lil' guy, Kai.  Thanks Tim! www.timsplace.com



Kym Douglas is an amazing beauty expert who is often featured on the Ellen Show.  She talked about growing up in Detroit and a pivotal moment when she was a young girl. Kym was watching a beautiful anchor woman on the news and said out loud, "I want to be like her." In that instant, her dream was born and her mom, who was cooking dinner, looked up from the simmering pot & simply said "Yes you will."  And with that, Kym never thought anything but "Yes I will" and slowly made her way from interning at the local news station the second she could drive herself to following the next step & the next step as they appeared.  She of course has been an anchor woman, now an author & a tv host/beauty expert.  As a mom, I'm gonna use those 3 magic words with my son.  "Yes you will" is all I'll have to say to my honey & his dreams!  Thank you Kym!  This nugget is priceless!  www.kymdouglas.com



Sourena Vasseghi will certainly capture your attention...he says he's a speaker that doesn't speak and writer that doesn't write, and yet he inspires so many with his work & with his clear message from the way he lives his life.  You would think having cerebral palsy, being stuck in a wheelchair and struggling to speak or even move a little, that you'd have every excuse not to dream big but not for Sourena.  This amazing man is a speaker, a writer, a successful businessman, a husband, a dad, a dreamer, a kick-ass contributor to life by using the talents & gifts that he does have!  He is an inspiration to me whenever I think "I can't" or if I'm tempted to complain about some seeming limit...he'd probably tell "That's bull & get on with it!"  This is not a quote, but something I think this passionate brilliant man would say to me :) Here are some actual quotes from Sourena (http://sourenav.com)

 "If you love yourself and embrace your dreams, flaws & all, your life will have no choice but reciprocate."

"Limitations are not stop signs.  They're arrows that point people in different directions."



Congrats to my friends, truly the most positive brilliant team I know that put this awesome event together:  Harold PayneSandy Pedeflous of SmileTVDavid Mezzapelle, Sherry Hursey of SmileTV & Lilly's Light 



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