3 Confessions & a Good Reason to Get Naked

CONFESSION #1 “I’m not getting out of my trailer until…”

In my zeal, my excitement for that next platform for me as an artist, I pretty much closed the door & said I’m not coming out of my trailer until the stage looks exactly as I want, until the audience is this big, until it’s these musicians, until blah blah blah.  And what I ended up doing was shutting off or at least limiting to a trickle the song, the love, the music that needs to be expressed from my heart to yours.  And now, I’ve got an actual lump in my throat – my thyroid to be exact and it’s quite big, because my song, my service which is my joy, which is that (yes stretching my arms out) BIG got plugged up. 

PUNCHLINE Nothing’s gonna stop the music (aka my service/my joy)…not even me J

CONFESSION #2  “I know you love me, but what about the music?!”

Loving, listening, honoring others is super easy for me.  I don’t have to try, it’s how I’m wired and probably because you are quite lovable J  My mentor/dear friend Mary Morrissey has been telling me for years even before she launched her mega heart-based training for life coaches, to consider becoming one because it is what I do – love, support, hold the highest for others.  My confession is I desperately wanted folks to love the music more than they loved me as a loving person – to know that it isn’t just my aloha-filled ways that contribute to my success, but the actual music.  So again with the specific demands, like confession #1, as to how others/the outside should look like so I can feel good.

PUNCHLINE Love & enjoy my own music & process now instead of putting off my fun till others enjoy as much as me.  That’s so none of my business!

CONFESSION #3  “My past baggage is haunting my now”

I have held a lot of my past adventures & seeming misadventures in the music industry as big honking failures and not just past failures because I lug around the baggage to then mold my present adventures.  Total big aha I’m happy to say I have re-framed – every step led to you my sweet tribe, to the songs I’ve created, to the moments of WOW on & off-stage, to the momma I am now & to where I am headed.

PUNCHLINE  Empty out my trunk of old baggage, so I can fill up on the present good that’s here now & more always coming.

The exciting thing is…that good is coming and it’s showing up every day in amazing ways!  I could detail the synchronicity, the opportunities & people showing up but you know what really matters is I didn’t need it to show up for me to feel good, for me to sing a song, for me to honor my life, for me to bask in the blessing of just being here & now.

So what’s with the baring my soul naked?!  Well it’s that kind of a time – to notice what’s really up your butt, up my butt so to speak.  To free up any blocked places in your heart, to choose to say bye, to milk the blessings of past baggage, to let go and truly be free for what is next. 

And what’s next?! 

What’s next is the ongoing expansion of you & me and the coming of all the good we will allow ourselves to receive.

Repeat after me…I am the best dang receiver ever!


I think that’s a pretty awesome reason to get naked J

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