In Their Honor...
What if we took the sorrow, anger, confusion, blame, powerlessness we feel and focus that energy to love?Not love in rhetoric, but real practical engaged love that changes lives, heals our own hearts and propels us as a collective truly in the direction we say we want for our world.
The beautiful souls on this list, I'm sure would say dance more, love more and don't waste another second of this precious life on anything (thoughts, feelings, judgments, actions) that keeps us separate from each other. Because it's in that energy of separateness that we can do horrible things to each other and to ourselves.
In their honor I promise each day to consciously celebrate my connection with all of life and to start with me, to bring love & light to those dark places in my heart and mind...and yes, dance more, enjoy more, appreciate more!
We cannot take away every gun or make extremism disappear. We cannot legislate or enforce people to respect and accept each other. What we CAN do is be a part of the wave, in fact be an accelerator of that positive wave of awakened folks living in love, knowing our connectedness, and committed to being a peaceful channel thru which the best version of humanity is born.
Let this worst US mass shooting be the best & final reason we give ourselves wholly to the power of love and peace in our lifetime and generations to come. It's the way I hope to tell the story to my kids when they are old enough to hear & appreciate it.
Thank you in advance - your love, your light, your life matters!
We got work to do peeps!
Let's do this!
Let's be "it," the solution, together ;-)
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